Our Services

We are who we are because of the quality of our people and the systems that drive them to deliver great service. TopData provides front and back office outsourcing solutions for foreign and domestic companies.

Email, chat/IM support , tech support, helpdesk

TopData employs state-of-the-art technology and best practice processes to deliver excellence in customer services. Whether it involves processing orders from your customers, providing help desk services or processing claims, our customer service is second to none.

In addition, we have a proven track record in delivering cost savings to clients, with one of our large clients experiencing a significant reduction in abandonment rate of customer calls when they switched to our service.

Database Content Management

Being the central source of information of ecommerce businesses, your database needs to be up to date, accurate, on time, and responsive to keep your business at the helm. We have built the capability to process high volumes of documents and data, built databases for clients, stored information both electronically and physically and provided reporting analysis back to our clients. We employ the latest technology in the marketplace, combined with innovative applications, to reduce the cost of document processing. Naturally, security, back up, and the integrity of your databases are matters fundamental to us.

IT Staff Augmentation

  • Highly qualified and experienced personnel to suit the client’s exact requirements.
  • Possess the flexibility to switch the dedicated personnel in line with the changing requirements of the client.
  • The ability to discontinue the services when the requirements are fulfilled to specifications as per the period of initial contract.
  • Scalable, ready deployment of additional personnel to adapt to the growing needs of the client.
  • Support of a fully developed knowledge base and infrastructure.
  • The advantage of skilled dedicated manpower at a very competitive price.

Document Imaging

TopData can provide data imaging, where your documents are scanned into the system. Our document imaging solutions can store images in various formats (hard drive/optical disk/database). The documents are then indexed to facilitate later retrieval. In addition, these documents can be printed and emailed for approval/review if required.

Key Features:

  • Scanning: Our scanning expertise makes paper document conversion fast, inexpensive, and easy, while high quality scanners make encoding paper files into your computer easy. Solutions combining data entry and scanning can also be customized for particular.
  • Storage: The electronic storage system provides long-term and reliable storage for documents. Our storage solutions will accommodate changing documents, growing volumes and advancing technology.
  • Indexing: The index system creates an organised document filing system and makes future retrieval simple and efficient. Our indexing system will make existing procedures and systems more effective.
  • Retrieval: The retrieval system uses information about the documents, including index and text, to find images stored in the system.
  • Access: Document viewing can be made available in a controlled manner to those with the required levels of approval. Good access control systems will improve the workflow and make documents viewable to authorised personnel, whether in the office, at different locations, or over the Internet.

Website Management & Maintenance

Professional Website, B2B, B2C Portals, Vortals management and maintenance is essential for keeping your website fresh, appealing and up-to-date. We will take care of the day-to-day website maintenance and website managements tasks, leaving you to more important core tasks. We offer website management and website maintenance at unbeatable affordable prices.

Finance & Accounting

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to an offshore BPO might seem a little awkward at first. Using the Internet makes distance a non-issue for many IT enabled services and modern database technology makes modern bookkeeping transparent and open to all parties who need access to the books-both for data entry and maintenance and for decision-making by management.

We handle bookkeeping tasks based on Quickbooks, MYOB, and Peachtree platforms for your payables and payroll needs. We employ expert accounting and administration staff to deliver results at a lower cost.


We also do outsourcing of other legal services including data entry work, immigration paperwork, legal coding, litigation support, court reporting, legal research, scoping services and legal animation.

TopData offers various types of outsourced legal transcription services. We are also involved in other outsourcing areas including medicine, IT, insurance, accounting, call center operation, and search engine optimization.

Legal transcription services include services in

  • Court proceedings transcription
  • Trials transcription
  • Wire tap transcription
  • Legal letter transcription
  • Verbatim transcription
  • General correspondence transcription etc

Data entry

Outsourcing data entry is a good solution for concentrated data entries for important information. The world of business being dynamic, fast paced, and in constant flux, the accessibility of accurate, detailed information is a necessity. There is usually an overwhelming amount of data entry required in order to progress. TopData specializes in data entry services. When your company hires us, we will develop a service plan for your specific data entry projects and forms processing requirements. Our approach to data entry and the technologies we employ not only enable us to deliver the highest levels of data quality, accuracy, and quick turnaround, but also address your need for document and data security and confidentiality. We are capable and have the experience in forms processing in the industries of medical forms processing, legal forms processing, and other business forms processing. We have state-of-the-art systems and technology to provide a professional outsourcing service specializing in forms processing, data entry, database management and conversion.

TopData is a data entry services company that has the infrastructure for preparation, capture, warehousing, retrieval, and utilization of information for an organization. We can help through our remote data entry system. We can work on any database and hire the best people in any industry that you are in. Data processing is accomplished by extracting information from a current or custom designed form, fax, catalog, book, electronic media or an online entry system, while simultaneously offering an internet based data entry service. What distinguishes TopData from other data entry service providers are our responsiveness, flexibility, and ability to create a new process to solve a client’s problem.

Key features:

  • Data Eminence – Making sure the data entered for each and every project is accurate and complete—TopData’s main concern.
  • Efficient Personnel – Our extensive work force is made up of skilled, proficient data entry operators who have been with us for years.
  • Project Turnaround – When it comes to implementing and completing our clients’ data entry projects, TopData services are done expeditiously and precisely.
  • Data Security – We assure you of unlimited security on your data entry projects. To address the ever-increasing requirements for data and document security demanded by our clients, TopData has established a number of security protocols.
  • Nominal Payment – We can provide this data entry service at a very nominal price that is extremely favorable to your organization. We understand the importance of sensitivity, turn around time, and cost benefits, thus providing a savings of 30% or more.